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New Pilates Class at The Bay Tree!

Posted on March 21, 2017

Come along to the fantastic new Pilates class at The Bay Tree Health Store! It is a great way to improve your full body strength and inner core and will also help to improve balance and hold your posture correctly. Regular Pilates sessions can also help to avoid future injuries, improving your day to day activities and you will look and feel better!



Classes start Tuesday 28th March at 6pm


£6 per class


Jessie, the instructor, has a diploma in Pilates, personal training and barre pilates. She likes to work the body head to toe in each class, concentrating on strengthening, mobilising and activating ligaments and muscles whilst also creating flexibility. 


please pop in a couple of minutes earlier prior to class starting at 6pm to fill out a one-off form. If you could bring a mat, that would be great but Jessie does have some spare as doubling up on thickness is a lot more comfy! 


Spaces are limited so please do book in by contacting Jessie on 07703 772911